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Team specialties are certain skills and techniques that a certain division in the Galaxy Squad specializes in. A team's logo is directly influenced by its specialty. The team's logo is often prominantly displayed on their vehicles.

Team Specialties[]

Orange Team[]

Orange Team Logo.jpg

Firepower: Orange Team is always on the front lines with the heaviest blasters, winning battles through a straight, frontal assault and heavy blaster cannons. Their logo is a lightning bolt.

Green Team[]

Green Team Logo.jpg

Armor and defense: Green Team's specialty lies in thick armor and heavy artillery. Their logo mirrors this, as it in the shape of a shield.

Blue Team[]

Blue Team Logo.jpg

Strategy: The members of Blue Team are strategic experts, masters of battle tactics and able to achieve victory when heavy firepower is in short supply. Their logo is a targetting scope.

Red Team[]

Red Team Logo.jpg

Speed: Red Team specializes in speed.  Their vehicles are chiefly speeders and are always quick and agile enough to take down larger Alien vehicles. The logo of this team is a wing.