Members of the Galaxy Squad in full gear

Space equipment is used by the humans of Galaxy Squad. It is gear that allows them to survive in the vacuum of space. It also keeps bacterial attacks by the Aliens from entering their bodies.

Types of EquipmentEdit



Helmets go over the head, encasing nearly all of it in thick, protective armor. A large slit at the front allows eyesight. The slight is covered by a clear visor. Helmets are colored according to the team of the member wearing it.

Breathe FilterEdit


Breathing apparatuses are essential for defending against bacterial infection. They are silver with a black strap and cover the mouth and nose.

Space SuitEdit


Specialized space suits are used to protect the body against the vacuum of outer space. The suits are encased in light grey armor plates and display the Galaxy Squad symbol and the insignia of the members' respective teams. The sleeves of the suits are colored according to the team of the wearer. The gloves and utility belt are black. The legs are also colored to match that of the team. They have armor covering the knees and in the groin.

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