A type-I sonic gun wielded by the Buggoid foot soldiers

Sonic guns were small hand-held blasters utilized by the Aliens. There are two known types.


Type-II Sonic Gun

A Type-II Sonic Gun charging


The first variation of the weapon is silver and rounded with a short, ribbed barrel and a transparent pink tip. Its sonic blasts are in the form of thin bolts of reddish energy. This sonic gun is smaller than the Type-II and can often be seen clipped onto the hull of an alien craft.


Type II is larger than its silver counterpart and is mainly black. It is shaped like a scorpion and has a large circular section underneath it, from which the barrel, which is little more than a stub, protrudes. The barrel is tipped by a large transparent pink dish where the sonic beams are fired from. These blasts are purple and very explosive.



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