Soloman Blaze
SquadLeader blue


Galaxy Squad
    Blue Team


Blaster, Types I and II


Swarm Interceptor
Armored Car
Galactic Titan

Solomon Blaze is a human and the leader of the Blue Team Division of Galaxy Squad. He wielded a standard Blaster, Types I and II.


Solomon wears a blue space suit with grey torso armor, black gloves and a blue helmet with a clear visor. He has slight scowl on his face and a silver targeting scope over his right eye. He also makes use of a silver breathing filter, a device effective against Alien bacterial infection.


Little is known about Solomon's past. He joined Galaxy Squad and became the leader of Blue Team following the discovery of Alien forces corrupting and infecting planets in the Selva system. It is possible that he started Blue Team's known specialty, that of strategy. After serving at least 25 years as a commander he retired to found the Lego city secret police, more commonly known as ultra agents

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