Jackson Fireblade
SquadLeader orange


Galaxy Squad
    Orange Team


Standard Blaster, Types I and II


CLS-89 Eradicator Mech

Jackson "Jack" Fireblade is the leader of the Orange Team Division of Galaxy Squad. He uses standard Blasters, Types I and II.


Jack wears an orange space suit with grey torso armor, black gloves and an orange helmet with a clear visor. He is clean-shaven and has black hair and prominent cheekbones. He also makes use of a silver breathing filter, a device effective against Alien infection.



A cocoon forms around Jack

Little is known about Jack's past. He joined Galaxy Squad and became the leader of Orange Team following the discovery of Alien forces corrupting and infecting planets in the Selva system. It is possible that he started Orange Team's known specialty, that of firepower.

Jack was known to have been on the front lines of battle, attacking the Aliens head-on. During one of these fights, he was attacked by a group of Alien Warp Stingers and was hit by a blast from one of them, encasing him in a capture pod. How he escaped is unknown.


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