Charles Stonebreaker
SquadLeader green


Galaxy Squad
    Green Team


Blaster, Types I and II


Vermin Vaporizer

Charles "Chuck" Stonebreaker is the a member of Galaxy Squad and the leader of Green Team. He carries a standard Blaster, types I and II, and pilots the Vermin Vaporizer.


Chuck wears a green space suit with grey torso armor, black gloves and a green helmet with a clear visor. He has slightly messy brown hair and a greying beard and mustache. A diagonal scar runs through his left eyebrow. He also makes use of a silver breathing filter, a device effective against Alien infection.


Little is known about Chuck's past. He joined Galaxy Squad and became the leader of Green Team following the discovery of Alien forces corrupting and infecting planets in the Selva system. It is possible that he started Green Team's known specialty, that of defense.

Chuck was known to have disliked the cereal Defender O's and to have worked out with sizable dumbbells.

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