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Buggoid Elite
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The Buggoid Elite is a higher ranking Buggoid that has been seen only once.


This Buggoid, like the more common type, is encased in a tough exoskeleton. In this case, it is dark red with olive green markings. This exoskeleton can apparently withstand the extremities of space, as most of their vehicles have no cockpit canopy. It is unknown how they breathe in these conditions or even if they breathe. The Buggoid's head is oddly shaped, with a pair of eyes on each side and four large mandibles protruding from its mouth. The eyes are black with red dots in the center, with one larger than the other in a pair. Its forehead is covered by thick plates of dermal armor ending in spikes at the back. A segmented "tail" runs from the Buggoid's head down to the center of the back. The reason for the Buggoid's color is unknown. It is possible that it is the result of a mutation.


The Humans have encountered the Elite Buggoid only once. It manned a particularly large spacecraft and was known to wield a type of Sonic gun more unique than the standard issue, implying a possible rank.


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